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The Staff Corner: April 2013

Benefits of Direct Payroll Interface

Written by: Minendra Patel

DPI Specialist

A Direct Payroll Interface Model is a beneficial tool for uploading employee records with speed and ease.  It is an instrument that is custom fit to any given certified payroll, which allows a contractor to upload an unlimited amount of employee records in a matter of minutes.  The alternative can be to input hundreds of records, which can take to five minutes per record.This process starts with a certified payroll.  With that, we create a custom model that extracts all the necessary information that is required by LCPtracker automatically.  It creates a simple, succinct

construction-document-sharingway to enter information without wasting time for other tasks.  The model is beneficial for those contractors that have many employees on their payroll and would like to expedite the process for a small annual fee.  It provides a fast, reliable service that could lead to more efficient use of time.

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