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Eliminate the Paper of Davis-Bacon and Certified Payroll Reporting with our Web-based Software!

LCPtracker is a powerful web-based software for collecting, verifying and managing certified payrolls and other labor compliance related documents. Our validation system checks payrolls for local, state and federal Davis-Bacon wage and labor compliance by flagging any error or omission discrepancies the contractor may have on a report. Workforce Analysis, Apprentice Utilization, Residency and EEO reporting become a breeze due to the accuracy and easy accessibility of the data collected on our site.

Our software streamlines the process of inputting payrolls for contractors by interfacing with top payroll companies or a simple three step manual reporting process. Administrators can easily view, approve or reject payrolls and provide immediate feedback to contractors.

Over 200 government agencies have already chosen LCPtracker for their certified payroll reporting and over 25,000 contractors are quickly and greenly reporting their certified payrolls with confidence!

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