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4 Things to Know about AB 618

California’s Governor Jerry Brown has signed 859 new laws that affect the construction industry in 2018. AB 618 is one of them.

1.)    This bill authorizes job order contracting at a community college district only if there’s a Project Labor Agreement on the district’s construction program currently available to school districts until January 1, 2022

2.)    Job order contracting is a procedure that allows for the awarding of contracts based on prices for specific construction tasks rather than bids for a specific project

3.)    Districts should be able to use cost-effective options for delivery of public works projects to allow public entities for utilizing job order contracts as a project delivery method

4.)    The job contracting approach should be used for the purposes of reducing project cost and expediting project completion

Read the complete bill here.

Want to dive deeper? Deborah Wilder, President of CCMI will be leading sessions on CA’s newly passed prevailing wage laws and updates at Ignite Conference.